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Video Funnel Mastery: 9 PROVEN video-funnels to unlock massive business growth πŸ“ˆ

Invite your audience to an exclusive webinar hosted by me, Bonjoro's Head of Marketing, Oli Bridge

Here's what I'll teach:

βœ” Recognising the β€œGrowth Hacking Failure Loop" βœ” A NEW approach: your video-funnel growth engine βœ” 3 proven Conversion funnels to close more deals βœ” 3 simple Activation funnels get customers engaged βœ” 3 sure-fire Growth funnels to drive up-sells and advocacy 

N.B. This is a no-fluff webinar. Just SUPER actionable ideas & templates your network can use right away. I'll coach your audience on each funnel, explaining the pain-point it solves, what to say in each video, and what call-to-actions they can use to drive positive outcomes for their business.

PLUS, every attendee will get these BONUS gifts just for turning up:

βœ” Bonjoro VIP onboarding (1 to 1 call & funnel setup) βœ” Exclusive invite to the Bonjoro community βœ” Copy of an exclusive eBook for your webinar: β€œBonjoro’s Personal Video Playbook" 

What's in it for you?

βœ” Great opportunity to drive more clicks to your affiliate link βœ” Educate your network before they signup, resulting in more paid conversions & more commission βœ” Free Bonus gifts for your network they won't get anywhere else βœ” Be part of the Bonjoro story and partner with us for the long-term 

Keen to collaborate? Book a slot in my calendar, where I'll show you the webinar content, and we can plan a date for hosting it together. My calendar is right here πŸ‘‡

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